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Steampunk Collage

Creating steampunk paper crafts can be rather exciting when there is a variety of steampunk themed collage sheets, ATC backgrounds, scrapbook papers, Photoshop brushes and clipart to choose from. Look for designs that include; airships, goggles, gears, pistons, flywheels, clock parts, watch chains, corsets, bustles, parasols, suits with vests, mustaches, top hats, long coats, military garments, gas masks, underwater gear, helmets, mechanical prosthetics, gadgets, and devices. Flexible templates or stencils can also be found to easily curve around surfaces to add gauge, switch, gear and clockwork designs.

When looking for inspiration for your paper crafts think juxtaposition! Steampunk style has an industrial appearance that looks very antiquated yet high-tech. The most common materials in steampunk art and design include: metals like copper, polished brass, iron and steel, rivets, gears, pistons, gauges and levers, wood, leather, glass, and antique light bulbs. Many artists regularly use these materials to modify modern utilitarian objects into exaggerated mechanisms as the Victorians might have imagined them.

While visualizing your steampunk ideas let yourself go and envision elements of speculative fiction such as science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history. Imagine modern concepts translated into an alternate Victorian Britain or "Wild West" United States setting using 19th century steam powered technology. While most steampunk work has a historical setting there may be little reference to any specific period or relation to time but may include real locations and people. What a fun genre!

There is such a creative charge inspired by the style of scientific romances of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. A dream world where you would find airships, time machines, giant submarines, light-propelled spacecraft, manufactured monsters, heat rays, fantastical machines, and contraptions. Where people are air pirates, adventurers, inventors, engineers, and mad scientists.

Steampunk is the perfect combination of an alternate history, fantasy, and science fiction. Where past design aesthetics mingle with present technical capabilities creating a variety of futuristic curiosities, devices, gadgets, and imaginary machines. Get adventurous with your steampunk crafts!

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Steampunk Paper Crafts

Burnt Brown Bag Technique

The burnt brown bag technique is a simple and easy way to turn paper into a very convincing look of metal for all of your steampunk paper crafting.


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