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Scrapbook graphics and clipart are a mixed collection of pre-made, eye catching images used in scrapbooking or paper crafting to enrich and enhance your design. Scrapbooking clipart consists of graphics, illustrations, designs, patterns or photographs in ether full color or black and white. 

Choose from a vast number of images including frames, borders, tags, symbols, icons, motifs, ornaments, decorative alphabets and letters, silhouettes, stencils, vignettes, journaling blocks, labels and more. 

Most scrapbook clip art used in digital form are available either as collections on CD or simply downloaded from the internet. It can also be compiled into printed form, such as in books to be cut and pasted into your layout.

It is either bitmap (raster) or vector based (line art). Typically clip art will be bitmap images which are resolution dependent. Meaning it is based on pixels and its quality is directly related to its resolution. A low resolution bitmap image will result in grainy, jaggy or blurry images. You will want to make sure to look for enough resolution to produce crisp images as well as transparent backgrounds if using digitally. 

For vector based images or line art, which are based on mathematical lines and curves, is resolution independent. Meaning you don't have to be concerned with image resolution and can scale images without losing quality. 

To work with your scrapbook clipart you will need a computer and image editing software such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements which allows you to open, edit or create, organize, save and print your graphics. Optional supplies would include a scanner if you have scrapbook clipart in books that need to be digitized in order to be used in digital paper crafting.

Most common file formats for scrapbooking clipart are JPG, PDF or PNG. If you are planning on simply printing and cutting, JPG or PDF will be sufficient. If you are wanting to use the scrapbook graphics digitally, PNG files would work best because the backgrounds are transparent which works great for layering and stacking images on top of each other and using on colored or patterned paper.

Working with scrapbook graphics offers so many options for creating stylish designs. It can be combined and layered in limitless ways and offers vast inspiration to create extraordinary pages!

Scrapbook Graphics

How to Make Clip Art

How to Make Clip Art

Use this tutorial to learn how to combine and manipulate shapes in Photoshop Elements to create this adorable baby buggy. After you complete this lesson, the know how to create your own unique clipart may just prompt you to build your own library!


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