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Paper jewelry offers a versatile medium that is not only budget friendly, it requires little effort to create a variety of trend-setting fashion accessories. While store bought jewelry can be run-of-the-mill and typical, it can also be expensive. Whereas making your own jewelry is achievable for anyone who is attracted to creating their own stylish look without the price tag.

From humble to the most lavish materials, jewelry graces every part of the body through the use of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pins, crowns and more. Throughout history it has been used for currency, status symbols, expressive decoration and amulets for protection as well as functional items such as clothing fasteners, buckles and watches.

Paper beads entered the scene in Victoria England where it is believed to have been made popular by women who saved and used wallpaper to fashion beads. They would wax and string the beads into strands to make beaded room dividers and the smaller beads into jewelry. Making paper into jewelry continues to be popular today.

Learning how to make jewerly from paper can be as basic as cutting and pasting. But something as simple as cutting and pasting can turn into distinctive accessories where you decide the shape, color, size, and style. Check out techniques such as decoupage, paper mache, molding paper, stitching, stamping, layering, collaging, paper punching, antiquing and distressing, creating faux finishes and more. Turn this accessible material into lightweight pendants, pins, bangles, baubles, charms, trinkets and art beads. 

Papers you might consider working into your adornments might include: scrapbook, handmade and art papers, wax or parchment paper, gift wrap, vellum, tissue paper, wallpaper, recycled and found papers, junk mail, old books, newspaper, magazines and catalogs, poster board, chipboard, cardboard, mat boards. Anything that offers a variety colors, patterns, designs, textures, thicknesses or even paper-like materials such transparencies or shrink plastic can be mixed and mingled. 

Construct and decorate your creations using common jewelry findings and embellishments. Check out all the findings at your favorite craft store, bead, or online shop. Look for bead and end caps, jump rings, head and eye pins, crimp tubes and beads, bails, connectors, wire, ribbon, thread, and chain, filigrees, charms, earring findings or recycle old jewelry parts into new paper jewelry. You may even want to consider creating your own unique findings. 

It's true that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but now there's a new BFF in town! Paper jewelry offers new ideas for creating stylish glamour and fashionable bling. Rediscover the rolled paper bead and create something that is chic, easy to customize and affordable!

Paper Jewelry

Basic Paper Beads

Use this tutorial to learn how to cut, roll, and seal paper to make basic paper beads to create your own fashionable jewelry.


Layered Paper Beads

Take your bead making a step further and create fun new bead shapes such as hourglass, bow tie, or dumbbell using this layered paper beads technique.


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