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Steampunk Fathers Day Card

Create a handsome steampunk Fathers Day card with manly charm and playful images.

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fathers day card ideas

Handsome fathers day card ideas to let him know how appreciated he is on his special day.

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Easy Tissue Paper Flower

Create darling little tissue paper flowers using a vintage sewing pattern, a paper punch, and a stapler.

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Mixing Pattern Paper

Discover the secret to mixing pattern paper for creating unique, stunning paper crafts!

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Mothers Day Card Ideas

Pretty mothers day card ideas to let her know how loved she is on her special day.

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Altered Mothers Day Card

Altering technique turns an ordinary blank card into a sophisticated Mothers Day card with charm.

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Grocery Bag May Day Basket

Cut and fold a brown paper grocery bag so the handle of the bag becomes the handle of this fun May Day basket.

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TP Roll Easter Egg Holder

Turn toilet paper rolls into a festive Easter egg holder using this tutorial. Printable instructions and face patterns included!

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Vintage Paper Basket

Make this charming vintage paper basket for your Easter goodies with a brown paper bag and basic tools. Printable instructions and tag included!

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Easter Paper Crafts

Celebrate the season with charming Easter paper crafts that are as fresh as spring and delightful to make.

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Layered Paper Beads

Create fun new bead shapes such as hourglass, bow tie, or dumbbell using this layered paper beads technique.

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Basic Paper Beads

Use this tutorial to learn how to cut, roll, and seal paper to make basic paper beads.

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Contact Paper Transfer Technique

Easy tutorial teaches you how to transfer images using this contact paper transfer technique.

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Packing Tape Transfer Technique

Easy tutorial teaches you how to transfer images using this packing tape transfer technique.

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Burnt Brown Bag Technique

Use the burnt brown bag technique for the look of metal in your steampunk paper crafting.

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Creative Journal Ideas

175 Creative journal ideas and themes to jump-start your next journal.

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Digital Scrapbooking Template Tutorial

Tutorial showing how to use a digital scrapbooking template using Photoshop Elements 9.

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Basic Card Folds

There are many amazing ways to make homemade cards and learning these basic card folds will give you the foundation you need to get started making a variety of cards.

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Basic Card Folding Techniques

By using these basic card folding techniques you will learn about paper grain, what papers make the best card bases, and how to score and fold.

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Craft Product Review Library

Learn about paper crafting products in the craft product review library. Get an overview of crafting products, what benefits they feature as well as an overall critique.

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Fotojet Review

Review of Fotojet's free online collage maker and graphic designer.

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Paper Mache Glue Recipes

Four easy paper mache glue recipes for every kind of paper mache project.

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Free Tag Template

Use this free tag template to create trendy tag shapes to dress up any gift or handmade paper craft.

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How To Make Clip Art

Learn how to make clip art with this Photoshop Elements tutorial and create an adorable baby buggy.

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Making Digital Scrapbook Background Paper

Making digital scrapbook background paper is not only enjoyable and satisfying, it can be as simple as using a program's basic shapes, brushes, fonts and dingbats.

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