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Digital Scrapbooking Template

Digital scrapbooking templates are a great addition to have in your creative toolbox. Use them as a springboard for experimenting with different layouts and let them do all the heavy lifting for you! You simply need to add your own ideas, memories, photos, journaling and flair.

Most templates are created to use in either Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. The most common formats are PSD and TIF files that include all the layers of a pre-designed layout. The PNG format is available for individual files that are comparable to traditional transparencies that offer transparent backgrounds. Photoshop brush sets are ABR files that you load into Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Templates are a flexible way to design allowing you to add your own color, digital paper and elements, change the size, crop, apply blending modes and drop shadows, edit, turn layers off or on, and add titles and text. Choose from a variety of themes and use them again and again to make every layout your own. You will find some templates available in full color, neutrals, or in black, white and gray tones. 

Layout templates are similar to a layout "sketch" that you would use to plan your layout. They include individual layers of each design element for you to manipulated however you desire. Photo collage templates work in a similar fashion and are often included as part of the layout design. Paper templates are also available where you can create your own paper using pre-designed patterns, textures and styles. Just add color, blending modes, gradients or brushes. 

Digital and photo overlays can add texture and patterns to your digital scrapbook pages and photos. Digital photo masks (digital clipping masks) are pre-designed elements that add character to your favorite photos when you "clip" them to the mask and they take on the shape of the mask. Frame, border, tag, and banner templates all work in the same manner, you just add your own choice of digital papers to compliment your photos. 

If you plan on using digital templates in hybrid projects, you will need a color printer and quality, acid-free paper. Look for photo printers that have enough printing resolution that offer ink saving options. Look for a wide format photo printer that can print up to 13" wide for no borders on your printed paper or simply reduce to 8"x 8" to print. Follow your printer recommendations and look for paper that is compatible with your printer's settings and ink to produce vibrant colors. 

Get the look of a "designer" page without all the hoopla that comes with creating it yourself. Let your inner scrapbooker click away and become a digital diva by utilizing the endless supply of templates available for download. Happy scrapping!

Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Digital Scrapbooking Template Tutorial

Learn how to use a digital template with this step-by-step tutorial using Photoshop Elements 9. You will be shown how to open your files and work with your project bin. How to add your elements, create clipping masks, work with text, how to print and save to share. 


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