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Welcome to our crafts library! Browse through the articles for a better understanding of today's paper crafting. Working digitally means working with images and knowing how to get them to do what you want for a fabulous and happy ending is the ultimate goal. You can now have the understanding you need to do just that. 

Learn what image editing software works best for what purpose or what image file formats are ideal for certain situations. Do you want to know more about design basics, mixing patterns and how to create visual harmony? Have you ever wondered about image rights and how to work legally with your downloaded images?

Discover how image resolution is the difference between a poor or great looking image. What is the difference between resizing or resampling an image anyway? Why would I do one instead of the other? Find out what you need to know in the crafts library. 

Wondering about the basics of digital cameras, printers or scanners and how they work? Gain valuable knowledge so you can lose the fear when going to use your camera, print your latest scrapbook page, or scan a sketch you've just finished to share with your friends. 

All these articles in this crafts library were designed to give you the basic understanding to get you headed on the right path and avoid the frustrations of guessing what will work or what won't. Know the reason WHY things work and you will be able to better navigate the digital world and experience design success!

Crafts Library

Image File Formats

Understanding Image File Formats

Learn what type of file format would work best for what you are trying to do. This article will introduce you to the subject and give you the foundation you need to get started.


Image Resolution

Understanding Image Resolution

Learn why image resolution is important when crafting in the digital world and how to use it. This article will introduce you to the subject and give you the foundation you need to get started.


Image Editing Software

Understanding Image Editing Software

Image editing software will probably be the most useful and creative tool in your digital paper crafting toolbox. Learn what to look for, the most popular software available and also some free or low cost online alternatives.


Resizing vs Resampling

Resizing Images vs Resampling Images

What is the difference between resizing images and resampling images? Knowing the difference will give you the ability to produce quality images with enough resolution and image dimensions for quality printing.


Copyright Symbol

Copyright for Crafters

What is copyright and how long does it last? What is copyright infringement? With all the images and products being widely available, it can be quite easy to find something to use to create our crafts. Learn how to make sure you are within the legal bounds of using those images and products you purchase.



Photography Rights for Crafters

If you are like me, you like to get the imagery you want by taking your own photos. But you also need to know what is actually legal when using your photography in your crafting. Learn about privacy, publicity rights and copyrighted work.


Basics of Design

Basics of Design

Good design creates harmony while bad design creates disharmony. Most people can look at something and say they don't like it, but couldn't really tell you why. Learn what elements and principles work together that can mean the difference between good and bad design.


Mixing Pattern Paper

The secret to creating striking paper crafts that have a designer look is successfully mixing patterns. Discover the rules that will help you mix pattern papers with confidence.


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