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Welcome to our color library, where you will find original palettes for creating unique, fresh color schemes and combinations for color-luscious paper crafting!

Color is an expressive form of communication that adds a significant amount of meaning to any visual message. It stimulates the senses, creates a mood, evokes emotional responses and can either bring a work of art together or ruin a piece. When used effectively, artwork dances with movement as your eye is lead around a composition by using contrast and creating emphasis.

Color Categories:

  • Primary colors include red, blue and yellow that cannot be created from other colors.
  • Secondary colors include orange, violet and green that are created by mixing two primary colors. 
  • Tertiary colors include red-orange, blue-violet and yellow-green that are created by mixing primary and secondary colors.

Descriptions of color include hue; which is the actual color, value; which is its lightness or darkness including tints and shades, and saturation; which gives color its brightness or dullness.  

Color Schemes:

  • Monotone: The use of a single color or tone usually a neutral color such as gray, beige or cream that imparts a simple, classic, clean, sophisticated look. 
  • Monochromatic: The use of one color family in various values of tints and shades. These combinations can impart subtle nuances especially when there is a gradual shift in color value or the values are slightly grayed down.
  • Analogous: The use of similar colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. These combinations are alway harmonious because they share the same undertones as their neighbors.
  • Complementary: The use of contrasting colors that are total opposites on the color wheel. These combinations are more vibrant and bold yet are balanced because they enhance each other as a pair.

Color and their Meanings:

  • Red: sexy, stimulating, powerful, energy, excitement 
  • Pink: sweet, romantic, voluptuous, love, sentimental
  • Orange: fun, enthusiasm, warmth, vitality, optimism, spontaneity
  • Yellow: bright, happy, optimism, imagination, sunshine, laughter
  • Brown: rich, earthy, rustic, durable, secure, balance, safety
  • Blue: trust, calm, quiet, tranquility, serene, loyalty, sincere, peace
  • Green: healing, soothing, fresh, nature, comfort, clean, harmony, renewal
  • Purple: spiritual, wisdom, philosophical, mysterious, creative, eccentric, majestic
  • Neutrals: natural, simple, sophisticated, traditional, dependable, understated, quality
  • White: pure, light, innocent, airy, sincerity, unity, perfection
  • Black: basic, classic, bold, authority, conservative, dignified, elegance

Color Library

Red Flower Palette
LillyPad Palette
Bolt Palette
Lady Bug Palette

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Color fun fact: Blue is the most popular color worldwide, inspired by
the sky and water.

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