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Trapeze Day Dreams Collage

Collage making is a versatile, forgiving artistic medium that stretches the imagination and is full of creative possibility. You don't have to be an artist to layer images, ideas and objects to create an expressive narrative. Your unique style is the story, which is an essential part of collaging!

For collaging, you only need to start with an idea, theme or something you want to express or explore. Then it is as simple as selecting a base which can include canvas, wood, chipboard, mat board or stiff paper or whatever you find that fits your project. The most pleasurable part is hunting for what to incorporate into a collage! 

Common techniques used to communicate your vision can include; creating backgrounds, image altering and transfers, adding colorants and textures, altering, distressing and antiquing, cutting, tearing, stamping, stenciling, molding paste, faux techniques, and working with color and composition. 

Making a collage is about taking found objects and combining them into visual interpretations of things we've seen or experienced. A collage may include junk mail, magazine or newspaper clippings, fabric, ephemera, hand-made papers, memorabilia, and other found objects that are personal to the artist in some way. It could be an attraction to shiny things, a favorite color, meaningful photos or items from a beloved collection. 

It won't take you long to find the perfect objects to include. Supplies can be found anywhere! Check out antique, secondhand and thrift stores. Take in the next flea market, garage or estate sale. Don't forget the dollar, craft, office supply or hardware store, they can be a windfall when it comes to collage making supplies. Going for a hike or camping? Collect anything interesting that comes across your path. A great way to start or add to your supply collection for free. 

Collage can be done by hand, created digitally or a combination of the two. There are numerous choices when it comes to finding inspiring digital images that can be downloaded, printed out and worked into your collages.

Most often images are found in collections called collage images, sheets or papers. A number of images in various shapes and sizes such as inchies, twinchies, slide, domino and scrabble tiles are included to use in making collages or other paper crafting. Collage sheets can also include backgrounds, artist trading card (ATC) backgrounds, ephemera and tags.

Typical file formats for collage sheets are either JPG or PDF. They are a single collection of images meant to print, cut and collage, but are occasionally offered as individual PNG files as well. If you are wanting to use collage sheets digitally, JPG or PDF will work for background images and PNG files would work great for layering and stacking images on top of each other because the backgrounds are transparent.

Collage is also often used in scrapbooking with a vast number of templates available to help the scrapbooker in making collages with photos. Templates can either be sketches, that are used as a visual guide for making a collage that you can incorporate into a layered page. Or they can be digital, where you can drop your photos into the template to create a instant collage and add directly to your digital page.  

Collage making is a reflection of you and is the art of assembling the eclectic layers of your experiences and daydreams. What could be a more enjoyable way to piece your visions together while looking at what's in front of you with new imagination?

Collage Making

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