Creating is about Discovering Your Own Artistic Genius

Karen Blonigen

Its about evoking emotion, gaining new insights, challenging our perceptions and pre-conceived ideas. Its a place to step out of the everyday and engage the spirit of exploration; to demonstrate a new kind of inventive courage.

Einstein once said, "play is the highest form of research", and I agree. Seemingly simple play can uncover tendencies that turn into lifelong fascinations.

Hi, my name is Karen Blonigen and I have been playing since I picked up a pair of scissors at a tender young age and discovered that I had the power to make things out of newspaper. Armed with that confidence and a sense of freedom, I spent hours dreaming and creating. In those early years, many people were recipients of crafts that were made from paper, sticks, seeds, macaroni, sand or whatever was at hand to create the perfect work of art! Over the years that spirit of play has remained but the materials may have become a bit more refined, hmmm... or have they?

I first moved into the big world of crafting when I won an honorable mention for a candle ring I created for Aleene's Prizewinning Crafts, published in 1996. To keep the momentum going, I Started making and selling items in craft shows, but soon found that I did not like to mass produce, but did enjoy the designing process. I had worked in a variety of mediums and eventually decided to try my hand at creating a general craft blog, but it still didn't satisfy my spirit. 

After finally realizing that paper somehow made its way into my designs in one form or another, I experimented, found my favorite mediums and formed my style. I then moved into professional craft design. I had many enjoyable years designing for numerous magazines, several books and websites.

But my dream had always been about developing a website to share my love for paper crafting and provide a springboard for inspiration. So I have brought Paper Craftivity into being as a place to engage and discover. It's a great experience having many of my passions coming together in the designing of this site!

But remember, use the information found here only as a guide, it is meant to be reinterpreted and given a new definition...yours! Not by imitating others, but by connecting to your own vision and expressing it in the paper crafts you create. Take the time to let your ideas and impressions sift down into a place of awareness... 

Of course don't forget it is also meant to be enjoyed with good music, a warm cup of tea and dark chocolate... enjoy!

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